How To Make Sure Your Ugg Boots Stay In Like New Condition

Ever since Oprah featured Ugg boots on her ‘My Favorite Things’ segment of the Oprah show the boots have become a worldwide sensation. Made from suede the sheepskin boots and other variants of the Ugg product are popular with everyone from housewives to college students. They’re comfortable and make a unique fashion statement for every person that wears a pair. Plus they keep your feet nice and warm.


Ugg Boot Cleaning

If Ugg boots have a single failing it’s not that they don’t perform as advertised – rather it’s because suede is notoriously difficult to keep clean. Winter conditions – when Ugg wearers fall in love with their boots all over again feature snow, rain and slush – the things that are guaranteed to turn Ugg suede ugly.

Keeping your Ugg’s looking like new can be a challenge – however with some simple steps, it’s very possible to keep your favorite pair looking as good as new for many, many years.

The key to keeping your uggs looking great is to make sure that you address any staining or damage immediately – suede doesn’t like to be kept waiting. Also (and this is key) make sure that you keep up with your regular maintenance.

Let’s first have a look at stains. It’s extremely important to treat stains before moving on to the general maintenance of the rest of the boot – if you don’t do this, then you run the risk of ending up with a boot with a very patchy appearance.

If you’re dealing with grease or oil, then the best approach is to use a piece of chalk to brush gently over the area of the stain. Pat it down to remove the excess chalk. Now don’t rush the next step – let the boot relax overnight so that the stain can be drawn to the surface.

After about 12 hours gently brush the chalk off and that should remove the stain – good as new. Remember this these types of stains need to be treated immediately.

Dirt can be treated through the gentle application of a specialized ‘suede brush’. If the area affected is shiny or matte then uses a pencil eraser to rub gently over the affected area.Then dampen the area (not too much water).

Allow the water to sink in and then use one of the many types of suede cleaner that are currently on the market.Then rinse. This approach should remove that type of stain.

Next we have the dreaded water spot. Contrary to popular belief there is a way to deal with this sort of stain. You can gently rub another part of the suede up against the water damaged part – that should leave the suede looking as good as new.

As mentioned, you now need to mover on to your regular cleaning service maintenance.

You’ll need your suede brush for the first part. Gently brush the boots to remove any loose material and ‘fluff up’ the suede. Then it’s time to move on to using the suede cleaner. Firstly moisten the boot (don’t wet it through). This makes the surface ideal for the application of the cleaner.

Now dampen a sponge and add a drop or two of the suede cleaner. Apply the cleaner to the boot with a gentle circular motion. As the dirt builds up on the sponge rinse and repeat as necessary. Once you’ve completed both boots, it’s time to finish off the process.Clean the sponge completely and then give the boots a gentle rub down with the dampened sponge.

Now it’s back to the waiting game. Take some old newspaper and stuff your boots so that they will retain their shape while they dry, pop them into a cupboard and within 12 hours you’ll have a pair of Ugg boots that look as good as new.

If you want to keep them that way you can buy some suede protector spray. That’ll help the boots shrug off water and stains caused by oils and similar.

This may seem like a lot of work, but with only an hour of maintenance each week you can ensure that your Ugg boots will continue to keep you looking great (and your toes toasty) for many years.